Google is rolling out shortcut .new for other websites

Good news for people who like to work quickly and want to perform as few actions as possible to get to the desired webpage: Google is going to extend the shortnew to other websites. By pasting this extension after a word or name in the address bar, you will be immediately redirected to a page of that website where you can perform an “action”. So fewer clicks.

Google Docs, Slides and Sheets

The shortcut already existed for services from Google such as Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. So you can simply type in the address bar and a new Google document will open immediately. From 2020 this feature will also be available for websites of other companies and organizations. They can therefore direct their visitors to an action on their site with the extension .new.

Last week Google already launched the extension for ten new domains. For example, Spotify uses the shortcut to create a new playlist. Other websites that use the shortcut are eBay with, and you can also use the shortcut on Canva and Bitly.

.new register

From December 2 anyone can sign up to register a .new domain. Google will approve the first applications in January. Visitors who use these new domains must be immediately redirected to the “promotion”, otherwise the shortcut will be removed again.

Owners of brand names who want to register a .new domain can do so until January 14. From 2020, everyone can register a .new domain without having to register. The costs of the domains vary per hosting party where you buy the domain.