Google is going to split Google+ into parts

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Google has announced that it will split Google+. There will be a ‘photos’ division and a so-called ‘streams’ department, without Google having given a precise interpretation. The new boss is Bradley Horowitz who replaces David Besbris.

With the announcement that another director for the Google+ division is leaving, Google seems to be pursuing its intention to dismantle Google+ and divide it into a number of separate parts. In a posting, the new responsible director Bradley Horowitz announced that he will be responsible for two new business units of Google: photos, which include Google’s various photo services and apps, and streams. This last division is not clearly defined, but in any case contains the still relatively successful communication tool Hangouts. It is still unclear what will happen to the other parts of Google+.

Google+ was led by Vic Gundotra for a long time, but he left in April 2014. His successor David Besbris stated that Google wanted to stick to Google+ and its ambitions to make it a vibrant social networking platform for a long time, but he seems insufficient in that regard. to have succeeded. The social networking site has few active users, and Google was also heavily criticized when it began “forcing” Google+ accounts, for example by making it mandatory for comments on YouTube.

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