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Google introduces Google Earth Studio for creating video

Google has unveiled Google Earth Studio. That is a software suite that makes it possible to easily create animations within Earth and export them to video. Earth Studio is aimed at news media, educational institutions and the like.

Google Earth Studio supports common animation tools as keyframes, but the interface is quite simple that the company states that knowledge and experience with animating and editing are not necessary. The software contains a number of templates so that users in the simplest case only need to specify a location, after which a video can be made with things like zooming and panning.

Advanced options are the time of day and the field of view of the camera. In addition, Earth contains 3D models of many geographical and architectural content, which can be displayed in the video and also cast shadows based on the time. Also still frames can be made. The software also has attached documentation and supports export to Adobe After Effects.

Google Earth Studio is not yet available to everyone, but that may be the case in the future. If you want to try the software suite now, you can fill in a form as a request for access. Google Chrome is currently required. Users of all kinds are free to publish the images that are produced, as long as it is mentioned where they come from.

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