Google introduces battery-powered Nest doorbell and new Nest Camera products

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Google is adding new products to its Nest line for smart homes. The company releases a Nest Doorbell and a battery-powered Nest Cam. In addition, a new Nest Cam with wire for indoors appears. No subscription is required for basic functionality.

The new Nest Doorbell has a rechargeable battery, which should give users more options with regard to the placement of the doorbell. The doorbell can be connected with a wire so that the battery remains charged continuously. The sound of the doorbell can be played through Nest speakers and displays. A connection with existing doorbells is also possible for the sound.

The battery status of the doorbell can be viewed via the Google Home app. It is not known what the battery life is, but a screenshot from Google shows a duration of at least three months. Users can set the doorbell to go into an energy-saving mode when the battery life is less than seven days. Among other things, the video recording is limited. An economical mode can also be set as standard for longer battery life.

The Nest Cam with battery can be installed both indoors and outdoors. This camera can also be used with a wire so that the device does not need to be charged. An optional stand is available with which the Cam can be placed on a table. Other accessories include a water-resistant cable and anti-theft mount. There’s also a new Wired Nest Indoor Cam. This can be put in two positions so that it can be used on a surface or attached to a wall. Finally, there is a Nest Cam with floodlight that switches on lighting for better visibility when activity is detected.

All new Nest products respond to people, animals, vehicles and parcel delivery. Google has optimized the algorithms for detection and partly thanks to TPU chips in the devices, the frame rate for the camera algorithms has doubled compared to the previous Nest generation of cameras. Users can receive notifications for people, animals, vehicles and packages with no subscription required and can record up to three hours of video. When purchasing a subscription, they can record up to thirty or sixty days. Setting activity zones that the camera should monitor is also possible without a subscription.

Google also reports that the cameras record HDR image and can shoot up to an hour of video locally, which they upload as soon as there is an internet connection. The products send encrypted images and indicate with an LED when recordings are taking place. 2FA is possible in combination with a Google account.

The Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam with battery will be available on August 24 for both 200 euros. Google will also sell the Nest Cam with battery in a bundle of two for 360 euros. The Nest Cam with floodlight and indoor Nest Cam will appear at a later date for 300 euros and 100 euros respectively.

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