Foxconn takes over Macronix chip factory for 76.6 million euros

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The electronics manufacturer Foxconn has acquired a chip factory from the Taiwanese Macronix for 76.6 million euros. The factory should eventually produce 15,000 wafers per month. Foxconn would like to make chips for electric cars.

Foxconn and Macronix expect the acquisition before the end of this year, Reuters writes. The factory is currently not operational and therefore has to be put back into operation. By 2024, the chip factory should produce 15,000 6″ wafers. That would be enough to produce chips for 30,000 electric vehicles every month. Foxconn chairman Liu reports that the chip factory, located in the Taiwanese city of Hsinchu, is a “global semiconductor hub” for Foxconn.

The acquisition plans follow previous reports that Foxconn wants to enter the electric vehicle market and become a major player in it. The company announced in February that it wants to produce cars for EV start-up Fisker, among other things. This electric car should appear on the market in 2023.

Macronix wants to focus on more advanced chip production in the coming years, for example in its 12″ wafer factories, the company reports in a statement. The company wants to focus more on the production of 3D nand memory. is no longer the best fit for Macronix, and Foxconn saw it as a very good opportunity,” said Liu, who also called the purchase a milestone for the company’s new EV business, according to Reuters.

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