Google integrates Chronicle and VirusTotal in Google Cloud

Google to integrate Chronicle security company into Google Cloud. As a result, VirusTotal also becomes part of the cloud service. In this way, users can have their files automatically scanned for malware via the engines of various virus scanners.

VirusTotal has been part of Chronicle since last year, which in turn is now being integrated into Google Cloud, Google says in a blog post. Chronicle was founded in early 2018 after it emerged from Google X, the experimental arm of Alphabet. Now it’s merging with Google Cloud to “create a powerful and comprehensive portfolio that adds a lot to our customers.” The integration should be completed in the fall.

With VirusTotal, files in Google Cloud are automatically scanned for malware, while Chronicle itself will focus on investigation, incident response, and finding new ways to stop attackers. According to VirusTotal founder Bernardo Quintero, VirusTotal will also continue to operate independently and continue to offer its normal services, in addition to scanning Google Cloud files.