Google Home app gets interface for operating TVs

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The Google Home app has been given an interface for some users to control compatible TVs. This was already possible with Nest Hub speakers, but should also be possible from the phone. The interface is the same as on the speakers.

Controls for TVs can already be seen with users who have a trial version of the Home app, say users in a Reddit thread. The feature is at least visible in version, but it’s unclear if everyone with that version sees the controls. With that, it seems that Google wants to integrate the function into the regular version of the app in the near future.

The controls for TVs are only available in the app for users who have linked their TV. That is not possible with every TV, because there must be support for it in the software. This is not about Cast, which allows users to stream to a TV as if it were a Chromecast. Owners of Samsung and LG TVs can do that, among others. Samsung previously had TVs controlled from phones via SmartThings.

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