Google gives Stadia developers ‘channels’ for managing betas

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Google gives Stadia game developers the ability to use channels to test and release games. This allows them to, for example, issue betas among certain groups of players without those players having to register for it themselves.

The feature is called Channels, although it concerns one type of test channel. According to Google, the feature is intended for Stadia developers who want to release their games and software for certain groups of players. It will be possible to control the number of downloads of a beta, so that a beta can be run among a limited number of players. Developers can immediately offer a separate beta build for each game.

It will also be possible to revoke access to a beta channel. This allows players to use a test build for a limited time. That becomes optional; it will also be possible to maintain access for certain groups. Google mentions review models for game journalists as an example, who can continue to write reviews even after a release.

Google says it wants to expand Channels to post-game capabilities. This concerns, for example, the possibility to implement test patches live in games. With all options, it is the intention that these are arranged on the side of the developer. For example, players no longer have to register for a beta themselves.

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