Google: Fuchsia is OS for trying new things

Google first discussed its upcoming operating system Fuchsia at its developer conference I/O. It would mainly be about trying new ideas and techniques for an operating system, according to a CEO.

According to Google’s head of various operating systems Hiroshi Lockheimer, Fuchsia is an investment in “a kind of modernizing and trying out new concepts around operating systems.” According to 9to5Google, he said that during a session at Google I/O. “Of course people assume it’s a new OS from Google, so it must be the future, you know. That’s not how we look at it.”

In any case, it is not primarily intended for smartphones or computers, Lockheimer emphasized. For those devices, Google already has Android and Chrome OS. “In the Internet of Things world, there is a growing number of devices that require operating systems and runtimes. I think there is room for several operating systems with different strengths and specializations. Fuchsia is one of them.”

In 2016, it turned out that Google is working on Fuchsia. The company itself has never disclosed concrete plans about Fuchsia. However, several things about Fuchsia appeared in public, such as an interface that worked on Android and on the Pixelbook.