Google enables ‘eyes-open-check’ with Face Unlock on Pixel 4

Pixel 4 users can now choose to keep their eyes open to sign in with Face Unlock. That option was not available before, which led to criticism from users. In this way, for example, the telephone of a sleeping person could be opened.

Google added the feature through a software update for the Pixel phones. This is an optional function in the settings. This allows users to set their eyes open when unlocking the phone with their face. The feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off. Google received criticism from users last year when it turned out that Face Unlock also worked with the eyes closed. Critics say it can open not only a sleeping person’s phone, but also a suspect’s phone if he doesn’t cooperate with the police. The iPhone’s Face ID may require the user to keep their eyes open. At the time, Google already said that Face Unlock was in development, but did not talk about this specific feature.

Google recognized last year that it was possible to unlock a phone without keeping your eyes open. The company also warned about this on the information page of the phones. Before the phone was on the market, there were product pages showing this new setting, but it was not included in the final sales models. Google recommended that users use a PIN code instead of Face Unlock.