Google Duplex release on smartphones other than Pixel seems to have started

The release of Google Assistant function Duplex, where the software calls a restaurant to make a reservation, seems to have started on other smartphones. A first user has used Duplex on a Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Assistant offered to call a restaurant when the establishment in question did not support OpenTable to make a reservation, writes XDA-Developers. That happened on a Samsung Galaxy S10+, while the function until now only worked on Google’s own Pixel phones.

The search giant had already said that Duplex would come to more smartphones, including iPhones. That would happen gradually. Because it’s a specific feature that users won’t call on every day, it’s unknown if it works for many more people yet. The search company itself has not yet said anything about it.

For now, Duplex is limited to the English language and 43 US states. As a result, it is not possible to use the Assistant function in Europe. Duplex is Assistant’s function to independently call a restaurant to reserve a table. If it is possible to book a table online, Assistant will do that. Only if this is not possible will the software call. Google announced Duplex in May of last year, and the feature has been working since last fall. Until now, this has happened in a limited number of places and only with Google’s own Pixel phones.