Google Currents to replace Google+ for business market

Google has unveiled the Google+ replacement for business customers. The platform is called Currents, which is a name the company has previously used for another product. According to Google, Currents is deliberately similar to Google+.

Google unveiled the successor at its Cloud Next 2019 event, writes 9to5Google, among others. In terms of appearance, Currents looks much the same as Google+, whose consumer version defunct earlier this month. Posts can be sorted by relevance or reverse chronology. Entries from key figures, such as a director, can be pinned to the top.

Google+ for the business market has not yet disappeared and Currents is therefore not the replacement at the moment. Currents is in beta and companies can apply for access. For this, the administrator must sign a contract with Google. After the beta phase, any G Suite user will have access to Currents at no additional cost.

Google’s old Currents was a news app. This allowed users to subscribe to feeds from news sites. That functionality has been taken over by Google Play Newsstand.