Google confirms coming dark mode to Chrome for Windows

Google has confirmed that it is working on a dark version of Chrome on Windows. Until that time the development team refers users to dark themes for the browser.

A developer of the Chromium team confirms the arrival of the dark mode on Reddit. “For the desktop, support for the dark mode is in development, in the meantime, we advise people to use a dark theme”, according to the senior Chrome developer Peter Kasting.

Kasting was the one who, in May 2018 in a ] bug report indicated that Chrome had to use the option of Windows 10 to use a light or dark mode for apps. According to him, the fastest way was to use the incognito view of Chrome for the dark mode.

Windows 10 offers the option for a dark display of apps since 2016. Among others Edge and Firefox offer the option already. Early December appeared indications that the dark mode of Chrome for macOS 10.14 Mojave is coming. It probably appears as part of Chrome 73, beginning of this year.


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