Google Chrome gets toggle to pause all extensions on a site

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Google browser Chrome seems to get a toggle to pause all extensions on a site. That’s in the Canary version of the browser. Google hasn’t said anything yet about the toggle, which has been in Microsoft Edge for some time.

The toggle is in Chrome, but does not work, says Leopeva64 on Reddit. The list of extensions is also not loading at the moment. Well he found a commit dedicated to the feature in the code for Chrome, which makes it look like Google has started implementing it. The feature seems to block all extensions from working on a site at once. So far, this has only been possible per extension, for example to disable an ad blocker or script blocker on a site.

Google has not yet said anything about the feature, so it is unknown if and when it will actually appear in the stable version of Chrome. Edge has had that feature for several months, after it appeared in a test version in April. Leopeva64 also notes that the PDF viewer will get ocr to automatically convert written text.

Google Chrome: toggle to pause extensions. Source: Leopeva64/Reddit

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