Google Chrome gets a different icon instead of a lock for https websites

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Google gives its Chrome browser a different icon instead of the lock for https websites. Because https is now the standard on websites, the lock is no longer necessary, according to the search giant. An icon for website settings is then more obvious, the company reasons.

Chrome continues to mark HTTP sites as unsafe, says Google. The new icon makes it clear to users that there are settings that users can adjust and also no longer implies that the site can be trusted. https sites can also contain malicious content, even if the connection is secure, the company argues.

Replacing the icon becomes part of a larger refresh of the browser’s design. It will be live in Chrome 117, which should be released in September. It can be activated with a flag. On Android, Chrome gets the same icon around the same time. On iOS, the icon cannot be clicked, so Google removes the icon completely there.

The old lock icon (left) and the new one

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