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Google app contains image of dock for Pixel 3 smartphone

An image has been published of the Pixel Stand, the supposed dock that Google wants to release for its upcoming Pixel 3 smartphones. For the time being it is an animation, not a picture of the actual hardware.

The website 9To5Google discovered the animation in a beta version of the Google application. The short impression of the Stand was hidden, but the website managed to find out, so there is an impression of the new hardware. The animation shows that Google wants to put Pixel smartphones upright in the dock, probably to use it as a kind of assistant.

Earlier there were already references to this Pixel Stand, which showed that the functionality relies heavily on the speech and information software Assistant. As a result, the dock with Pixel smartphone probably has to offer competition for smart speakers and screens, such as the Echo from Amazon.

Google is expected to introduce the Stand simultaneously with the still unannounced Pixel 3 smartphones. This announcement is scheduled for next month.

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