Google announces Pixel C tablet with detachable keyboard

Google has announced a tablet with the Pixel C that should also serve as a laptop. The keyboard is removable and can also be attached to the back of the tablet for charging, among other things. Prices start around $500.

The Pixel C has a 10.2″ display with a screen brightness of 500 nits and a resolution of 2560×1800 pixels. The housing runs Nvidia’s X1 soc and the RAM is 3GB. The processor has four cores and there is also a Maxwell GPU available For the storage memory, you can choose between variants with 32GB or 64GB.

The keyboard, which is sold separately, has its own battery and can be connected to the tablet via bluetooth. As a result, a physical connection is not necessarily necessary to be able to type on the tablet. The keyboard connects to the tablet with a magnetic connection, making it possible to place the screen at different angles.

However, independent charging of the keyboard is not necessary; when a physical connection is made to the Pixel C, the keyboard battery is charged via induction. This works by placing the keyboard on the back of the tablet. The whole of the keyboard and tablet can also be easily carried in this way. The tablet itself can be charged via the USB-C connection. If the keyboard is not used for some time, the battery will last for several months until it needs to be recharged.

Unlike previous Pixel devices in the series, this time the operating system was not Chrome OS, but the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google promises to release software updates every six weeks. This is probably due to security updates. Furthermore, the Pixel C does not seem to have any special software on board.

Most of the details about the Pixel C have recently come out in rumors, so the specs don’t come as a surprise. However, Google has announced the prices and availability: the sale is through the internet giant’s own store with prices for the Pixel C of $ 499 and $ 149 for the keyboard. The 64GB version costs an additional $100. European prices are not yet known, but probably dollar prices can be directly translated to euro prices. The Pixel C should hit stores this year.