“Google and Nvidia express objections to Activision Blizzard acquisition of Microsoft”

Nvidia and Google have filed objections to the Federal Trade Commission, the US regulator, about Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. At least, that’s what Bloomberg says based on sources.

Google and Nvidia have expressed concerns that they believe the acquisition could give Microsoft an unfair advantage in the cloud gaming, subscription and mobile gaming markets. This reports Bloomberg based on sources alleged to be familiar with the matter who have asked not to be identified for reasons of confidentiality of the process. The medium has asked representatives of the three companies involved for comment, but has declined.

Nvidia is said to have emphasized the need for equal and open access to game titles in its comments to the FTC, but the company has not directly opposed the acquisition that Microsoft wanted, one of the sources reported. It’s not clear whether Google might have gotten more involved in the discussion and argued more strongly against the takeover.

Ultimately, Nvidia and Google could be called to testify as part of the FTC’s earlier lawsuit against the acquisition. The first hearing in this lawsuit began earlier this month. Microsoft is looking to acquire the game publisher for $68.7 billion in what would be the largest games acquisition to date. The companies announced the deal last year.

For example, the concerns of other companies and the FTC that Microsoft would gain an unfair advantage and limit competition in the market are related to whether Activision titles such as Call of Duty will still be available after the acquisition. Microsoft doesn’t think these concerns are justified. Among other things, the company points to the fact that it has offered Sony a ten-year Call of Duty license and that it also intends to bring the game series to Nintendo consoles if the acquisition goes through.