PlayStation has asked that all Gaming Heads merchandise be destroyed. Now your figures can be a treasure

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In the world of video games we find franchises whose commercial products go beyond the console. Merchandising is one of the clearest examples of this reality. So we have at our disposal a wide range of figures, posters and other elements that we can purchase to immerse ourselves even more in our favorite title.

A common practice these days is for companies that have franchise rights to partner with external actors so that they can offer licensed merchandise. One of these associations seems to have literally collapsed in the last few hours. Gaming Heads, a long-standing partner of Sony, has announced that it will destroy its entire inventory.

Gaming Heads says it will destroy Sony inventory

In a post on X (Twitter) , the Hong Kong-based company has said that Sony has asked it to destroy all of its PlayStation-related inventory. The movement, they say, includes the figure of Ellie from ‘ The Last of Us Part II ‘, the bust of Kratos from ‘God of War’, among others, and items that have not yet been released.

Many of these items, as we know, are sold to order. Unfortunately, Gaming Heads also has a message for all those who were waiting to receive any of their PlayStation-related products. “This also includes the destruction of items that you have paid for and are waiting for,” they said in their publication.

As our colleagues at 3D Juegos point out , Gaming Heads delegates all responsibility for this scenario to Sony. They even point out that the firm behind PlayStation has already received royalties for the ordered products. In this sense, they encourage affected customers to communicate directly with the Japanese for issues related to “payments, refunds, etc.”

At the moment, Sony has not made any statements on the matter, so uncertainty reigns at this time. Many players do not know if they will recover the money for the products they had ordered and that now, technically, they will not receive. All those who did receive them may have much more desired collector’s items in their possession.

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