Google allows Workspace users to edit Microsoft Office files through Gmail

As of today, Google Workspace users can open and edit Microsoft Office files attached to an email directly in a Google program. Previously, users had to download the file in order to edit it.

When Google Workspace users receive an Office document as an attachment, they can modify the file immediately, according to Google. For this they have to click on the pencil icon. Adjustment is done in the Google environment. When editing a .pptx document, users are therefore redirected to Google Slides. The document will not be converted to a Google file format, but it will keep the original Microsoft Office file format.

Previously, users had to first download a document to a device or to Google Drive, in order to edit the file from there. By being able to adjust directly in the attachment, Google says it wants to save users’ time. Gmail users could edit Google files, such as Docs, from the attachment itself. When users modify a file, they can choose from the File menu to email the modified file again.

Google also states that it should be possible in Docs to use different page orientations within the same document. For example, it will soon be possible to have both portrait and landscape pages within a document. Next year it should also be possible to place images behind text. Finally, Google has created a Macro Conversion add-on, which can convert Excel macros to Sheets macros.