Good news: a tip of $ 3,000, the Chinese Moon Mission and this is the fame of 2020

It’s almost the weekend, luckily! Reason enough to drag you through that last day of work with a lot of positivism. In this Good News on Friday we talk about the Chinese moon mission, original lightsabers from the Star Wars films, the Austrian village of Fucking and the fame of 2020.

One beer and a $ 3,000 tip
If you work in the hospitality industry, a tip is already a big plus, but in America they always approach it differently. There the tip is a large amount on top of a low wage. Now that the corona virus is raging, many restaurants have had to close their doors. When a customer who just came for a beer heard that the restaurant was going to close, he decided to leave a tip of no less than $ 3,000. A wonderful amount and certainly not a mistake on the part of the man, who was chased by the staff to ask if all of this was correct. As soon as the restaurant is open again, the man will go back for a beer, but will now temporarily have to do it at home.

China is making great strides in lunar mission
The space race has always been a matter between America and Russia, but now Europe, China, India and even private companies such as SpaceX are participating . China is now taking big steps in a new moon mission. Chang’e Mission 5 is about to go into space in search of the Moon for samples of the materials found on the Moon. The previous mission, Chang’e 4, made history by landing on the far side of the Moon. A lot of data and visual material was collected, but now it is time for physical material. The mission is now well launched and Chang’e 5 now has 23 days to collect everything. One of these days he must arrive on the moon for his important mission.

Austrian village Fucking changes name
You may not have heard of it, but in Austria there is a village called Fucking. A special name and apparently reason for people to pull up the place name sign and take it with them. That didn’t make them very happy in the village itself. If the sign was there it was reason for visitors to take a picture with it, sometimes even naked. They are done in the small village and have decided to change the name to Fugging. So no more Fucking photos in Fugging.

Famous name 2020: Mette Bus
Anyone who has been following DJs Coen and Sander for a while knows that they look for people with a special name every year. The duo already did that when they were still at 3FM (although it was called ‘shame’ then) and it always keeps on chuckling every year. This year Mette Bus has been named Fame of the year. The second place is for Bennie Weijs and Lieve Lingen took third place. Mette Bus takes over from Mat Ras. In previous years, Jack Pot, Chris Mus, Kenny Boeijen and Ferry Kuhlman were named Name of the Year. Other nominees this year were Nies Slim, Dino Saris, Co de Kraker and Elk Gram – Raak. Not done chuckling yet? You can find all nominees from the past years here.

There will be an arcade video about Midway: Insert Coin
Documentaries about games are often wonderful to watch. The enthusiasm of both developers and players is often very contagious. The fact that a documentary is now being made about Midway games, the company behind many well-known arcade machines such as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam, is a gift. The trailer is already great and sets the tone, so we can’t wait for the documentary to arrive. He should appear on the American streaming service Alamo Drafthouse on Demand in early December.

Lightsaber from Revenge of the Sith for sale |
A Star Wars stunt coordinator has lightsabers that were actually used in the movie Revenge of the Sith. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Hero Lightsaber is included. The beautiful props are now being offered for sale for a good cause. In total, the entire collection would be worth more than $ 5.6 million. There are a lot of iconic things in between , including lightsabers from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.