GitLab 14 with pipeline editor and wysiwyg wiki editor is out

GitLab has released a new version of the developer platform. The main changes in GitLab 14.0 are the definitive addition of a new wysiwyg editor in the wikis, a new pipeline editor, and a Kubernetes platform.

According to the makers, GitLab 14.0 is mainly focused on speed and security in mind. The main change is that the pipline editor has changed. That new editor was already in GitLab 13.8 in beta phase, but is now being implemented definitively. It’s a CI/CD-specific editor that includes configuration validation and a visualizer that can display changes before commits are made.

The Kubernetes Agent has also been finalized after it was introduced in 13.8. It should replace the existing Kubernetes Cluster integration.

GitLab also has a few new visual tools. A notable one is a what you see is what you get editor for wikis, so users no longer have to use markdown for formatting. In the future, that Content Editor will also be available in other parts of GitLab, but the makers do not provide a narrower timeline for this. GitLab has also changed the sidebar, most notably by dividing the Operations menu into separate sections. Epics can now be used in ‘boards’, similar to tools such as Trello. Users can drag their epics into it via a drag-and-drop interface.