RoboIntern is a very powerful software to automatically perform scheduled tasks based on a trigger. After starting the service, it runs in the background and continues to look for a trigger. You can open it from the system tray when you want to use it. It is automatically run at Windows startup and automatically starts the services or tasks. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface where you can create saving tasks.

Download this software from here and then simply execute it. This is a portable software and you can use it immediately after you have downloaded it. The interface looks like the following screenshot.

Now simply create a task and then give an action. Click on the “+” button in the interface and simply enter an action there. In the case of receiving e-mail alerts, simply choose the e-mail option and then enter the corresponding information you request from him. Then save the action. It uses the Outlook app to send e-mails.

You now have to specify a trigger. in the trigger, you actually specify an activity to view and the file you want to check. Then save the action. Save the task and it appears in the main interface where other tasks you make appear.

Now simply start the service by clicking “Start scheduling”. “. This starts the service and starts running in the background. It starts by viewing the file you specified in the trigger. If the file is deleted by someone, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification.

This way you can use this simple software to get a notification when a part of your file is deleted. You just need to configure a simple task in this free software, RoboIntern which is quite simple. You can have RoboIntern automatically start up when you start Windows. For this, you simply use the menu File> Settings.

RoboIntern is a very useful software for Windows that you can to receive notifications when a file is deleted from your PC. You only have to view that file with the help of this software and then it does the rest. You can use this software to get.

notifications about deleting some of your important files. So, if you are looking for free software to do something like that, you will love this software.