General Motors recalls new Chevrolet Bolt EVs due to battery fire risk

US automaker General Motors is launching a recall for all Chevrolet Bolt EVs, including recent models. The company does this because of the risk of fire with the battery. The car is sold in Europe as the Opel Ampera-e.

General Motors reports that the batteries in Chevrolet Bolt EVs may contain a manufacturing defect, which could lead to fires “under rare circumstances.” The problems came to light late last year after several Bolt EVs caught fire. The factory error is said to have been made in a South Korean factory of LG.

“After further investigation into LG manufacturing processes and battery disassembly, GM discovered manufacturing defects in certain battery cells produced in LG plants outside the Ochang plant,” the company said. LG and GM are working together on a solution and General Motors is trying to get a commitment from LG for compensation for the measures taken.

Initially, only older Chevrolet Bolt models were recalled. This week’s expansion is the third recall for the Bolt, TechCrunch also writes. In July, General Motors recalled Chevrolet Bolt EVs produced between 2017 and part of 2019. In total, more than 140,000 cars have been recalled and GM is replacing their batteries at its own expense.