GeForce Now will be available on Android phones later this year

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service GeForce Now, which is currently only available in beta on PC, Mac and Shield TV, will be released later this year for smartphones that run on Android. When exactly that will happen is still unknown.

Nvidia says that when the mobile app for Android comes out, it will be a beta version, just like with the PC, Mac and Nvidia Shield. The company recommends that players use a bluetooth gamepad, as some games would not be playable on an Android phone without a gamepad. When the service will be released and which devices can use it is still unknown, although Nvidia says at least that the flagship models from LG and Samsung will receive support for the GeForce Now mobile app.

GeForce Now will be out of beta sometime in the coming months. That will probably roughly coincide with the option of ray tracing. In March, Nvidia already announced that Geforce Now will support ray tracing from the fall and from Monday the cloud gaming service’s servers in Frankfurt will be equipped to support ray tracing. That means GeForce Now users in northern California and Germany can be the first to game with ray tracing. More data centers in North America and Europe are gradually being equipped with this, although no further details are known about it.

GeForce Now is in fact a link with digital game stores, allowing players to take their game library from, for example, Steam, and play their games on the PC, Mac and the Shield. It is not necessary to have powerful hardware. Android phones will be added later this year. Nvidia’s cloud gaming service supports more than 500 games and is compatible with thousands of other titles, according to Nvidia.