GeForce Now gets support for M1 Macs and Google Chrome

GeForce Now, the game streaming service from video card designer Nvidia, is now available for the Chrome browser and Macs with M1 hardware. Chrome support is in beta, but Apple M1 support is not.

Support for Chromebooks was already there, Nvidia writes in the release notes, but not yet for Chrome itself. Users can navigate to, where the service should start. The site still states that Nvidia recommends the GeForce Now app for “the best experience”. The news may also be interesting for Linux users, as Chrome can also run on it.

Apple’s M1 Macs are specifically listed as being supported because they run on a new ARM architecture for Apple laptops and desktops. That requires rewriting macOS applications to introduce support for this new hardware.

GeForce Now is a game streaming service, similar to Google Stadia, but not quite. With GeForce Now, you have to provide the games yourself by linking the service to accounts at Steam, Ubisoft, Epic Games, GOG or Origin. At Stadia, you have to buy the games in the Stadia store, even if they already have them on, for example, Steam. GeForce Now runs on Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, the Nvidia Shield, Android, and the Safari browser in iOS. LG TV support is on the way.