GeForce NOW and Stadia create Safari web apps for iOS devices

Both Google and Nvidia are in the process of developing web app versions of Stadia and GeForce NOW, respectively, which will allow access to game streaming services on iOS devices through the Safari browser. With that, Fortnite is coming back to iOS.

The GeForce NOW web app can be used immediately as a beta version, Nvidia writes. Users must navigate to from the Safari browser on an iOS device. This allows subscribers with an iPhone or iPad to use the streaming service. Mouse and keyboard games cannot be played via the web app due to “technical limitations”. Users should therefore use a controller.

Nvidia also says it is working with Epic Games on a Fortnite version with touch-sensitive controls. The development of this is still underway, which is why the game cannot be played via the web app. This game is coming ‘soon’ to the web app, according to Nvidia. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store last August after Epic added its own payment system to the iOS game. Meanwhile, the two companies are involved in a lawsuit over the possible monopoly behavior of Apple, which should start in May next year.

While GeForce NOW’s Safari web app can now be used by anyone, Google expects to be able to publicly test the Stadia Safari web app in the coming weeks. Stadia confirms on Twitter. Google does not yet provide any further information. Incidentally, Microsoft also seems to be working on a similar web app implementation for xCloud. This web app should be available via iOS early next year.

GeForce NOW and Stadia are two game streaming services, where subscribers can play previously purchased games, whether or not for a fee. The Nvidia version concerns previously purchased games from, for example, Steam or the Epic Games Store. However, anyone who wants to play a Stadia game must purchase the game through Stadia themselves.