‘Galaxy S5 will be longer, wider and thicker than S4’

Samsung makes the Galaxy S5 slightly longer, wider and thicker than its predecessor Galaxy S4. That would appear from a render that the Australian Sonny Dickson has put online. The Galaxy S4 is actually smaller than its predecessor Galaxy S III.

The render that Sonny Dickson has put online probably says little about the design, but does show the dimensions. Those dimensions indicate that the device is longer, wider and thicker, but compared to the expected size of the screen, the bezel has become slightly smaller. With these dimensions, the screen would take up 73 percent of the front surface area, compared to 72 percent with the Galaxy S4.

Dickson is known for accurate publications of unannounced products. He previously released correct information about the iPad Air and Galaxy Note 3 at an early stage. Samsung would like to present the Galaxy S5 in two weeks during a press conference at the Mobile World Congress telecom fair in Barcelona.

DeviceGalaxy S5 Galaxy S4Galaxy S III
Length 14.17cm 13.66cm 13.66cm
Width 7.25cm 6.98cm 7.06cm
Thickness 8.2mm 7.9mm 8.6mm
Screen diagonal 5.2″ 5″ 4.8″
Bezel top-bottom 2.59cm 2.59cm 3.03cm
Bezel sides 0.74cm 0.75cm 1.08cm
Screen-to-bezel ratio 73.4% 72.3% 65.9%

Galaxy S5 (source: Sonny Dickson)