Galaxy S10 Durability Test – Scratch, Burn, And BEND Tested (Video)

The South Korean giant Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, of course, the Galaxy S10 has become one of the most important heroes of the most premium segment of the mobile world.

As with the landing, the South Korean giant Samsung raised the bar in terms of innovation and design, offering a smartphone with very important specifications and features, such as the Dynamic AMOLED HDR + screen with Gorilla Glass 6 and the ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen.

Hence, recently the famous YouTuber Zach Nelson of the JerryRigEverything channel wanted its features, resistance, and sustainability test, in which he also stated that none of the earlier flagships of Samsung has left his tests. So, is the Galaxy S10 able to overcome the tests of bending, scratching and burns? Do not worry, we will certainly find it in the video we mentioned below.

As a few days ago we saw that the Redmi Note 7 from the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi tests the durability van Zach Nelson survived and revealed that it is not as strong as assumed.

Now it’s the high-end device of the South Korean giant Samsung, of course, I’m talking about the smartphone that has generated the highest hype so far. Since the launch, we have been able to observe various tests on the performance in the photographic section or on the performance of the components, through various benchmarks of specialized media.

However, the well-known YouTuber, of course, Zach Nelson also wanted to prove his flexibility and the results that were in line with what was supposed.

The screen of the South Korean giant Samsung Galaxy S10 has been able to overcome the various levels of scratches to which it is exposed, on a large scale, only the 7 deep scratches that can damage its integrity.

An important detail to emphasize here is the manufacturer, of course, the South Korean giant Samsung has covered the screen with protective plastic, providing extra protection to those already provided by Gorilla Glass 6.

The screen has also easily survived the fire tests, with a white spot appearing within 30 seconds of contact with the fire, but just after a few seconds, the stain disappeared. Although the ultrasonic fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has continued to work perfectly, despite being exposed to scratches at level 7.

However, everything changes when the level of scratches rises and the surface continues with large cracks: there the ultrasonic fingerprint reader stops working. In addition to the fact that the new flagship of the South Korean giant Samsung does not shrink back for the various folding tests, we can confirm that the Galaxy S10 of the South Korean giant Samsung is just as resistant as its predecessors. What do you think of this? Easily share all your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this article, do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.