Galaxy Buds Pro get 3d audio and can recognize speech automatically

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The upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds from Samsung use spatial audio where the sound seems to come from different sides. The earphones also have speech detection and ambient ambient sound.

The new features can be seen in a teardown of Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app. This is used to control the existing Galaxy Buds, among other things. A leaked version of that app shows several features of the Galaxy Buds Pro, the new wireless earbuds that the company has not yet announced.

The earbuds have many functions that the original Galaxy Buds already had, such as the possibility to set the operation of the touch buttons. The earbuds can also read notifications and lost earbuds can be found via a ‘Find My Earbuds’ function.

In addition to noise cancellation, the Galaxy Buds Pro also have an option for ‘ambient sound’, with which outside sound comes in via the microphone. New to the earphones is also that they have a function to recognize speech and automatically adjust the sound of music, for example. It also becomes possible to manually adjust the balance between the left and right earphones.

The ears also use a form of spatial audio, which Apple also has in its AirPods Pro. Samsung calls this 3D Audio for videos. It is a function in which the sound moves with the carrier so that the sound appears to come from different directions. The app also shows that it only works on Android 11. It is not yet known when the Galaxy Buds Pro will be released and what it will cost. Earlier this month EVleaks released renders of the earphones.

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