Future Cat and Land Rover smartphones will get BlackBerry apps

Future smartphones from the British Bullitt Group, which releases devices under the Cat and Land Rover brands, will get apps and services from BlackBerry on board, such as the Hub and security app Dtek.

Bullitt and BlackBerry have signed a deal for this, reports the Canadian software company. Until now, the BlackBerry software has mainly appeared on devices that the Chinese TCL releases under the BlackBerry brand, although it has always been clear that other manufacturers can also use the software.

Bullitt mainly targets the business market with its devices, where security can be a big plus. The BlackBerry software aims to convince potential customers that the Cat and Land Rover phones are protected against malware and hackers.

BlackBerry made its own smartphones until a few years ago, but has transformed itself into a company that sells security software, services and licenses. Smartphones from Cat and Land Rover are solidly built devices with Android. More expensive Cat phones such as the S60 and S61 also have a Flir thermal camera on board.