Funcom removes slide for setting penis length from console version Conan Exiles

If the PC game Conan Exiles comes out in a version of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, one little thing will be different. Funcom is going to remove the Endowment Slider from the game. The slider, with which players set the length of the main character’s penis, caused a lot of fuss.

In an interview with GameSpot, Joel Bylos says that the Endowment Slider will not be included in the console versions, because he believes the game might not pass the age rating. The version for Windows only appears on Steam, which allows Funcom to bypass the age rating. It is unknown whether the console version will contain nude anyway, because Bylos will not comment on that.

In the same interview, Bylos states that the studio did not expect Endowment Slider to become such a big thing and cause a stir. Developer Funcom is based in Norway and people there are open-minded towards nakedness, thinks Bylos. Within the studio there was little fuss about it. Age of Conan, a mmog that Funcom released in 2008, already had a slider with which the size of female breasts could be set. The studio had also provided that option for Conan Exiles.

During the development of Conan Exiles, the team thought that nude is appropriate for a Conan game and that it would be appropriate to be able to adjust not only the size of female breasts, but also that of the male penis. Gifs of the functionality can be seen in our review of the game.