Full port of TimeSplitters 2 revealed to be hidden in arcade cabinet in Homefront game

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It turns out that TimeSplitters 2, a well-known fps game from 2002, is playable in its entirety in Homefront: The Revolution from 2016. A developer of that game has secretly put the entire game in an arcade cabinet.

The existence of the TimeSplitters 2 arcade cabinet in the game has been known since the release of H:TR in 2016. However, until now it was always believed that only two levels of the game were playable. Nothing could be further from the truth, it turned out a week ago, when game maker Matt Phillips, who was working on Homefront at the time, on Twitter.

However, the secret actually remained secret for five years because Phillips provided the unlock codes for the entire TS2 game got lost. “I don’t have the booklet with the codes in it anymore. I once gave it to a friend so he could leak it on a Discord channel, but he was called a liar and got banned.”

However, after Phillips threw out the tweet, Xbox Principal Software Engineer Spencer Perreault came up with a message within days the codes. These must be entered in the main menu of the arcade cabinet, after which the extra levels and the Arcade mode appear. Other users have made video tutorials of this.

As far as rights to TimeSplitters are concerned, things seem to be right: the studio behind Homefront was once also the studio behind TimeSplitters in a different form.

As the icing on the cake, the port will likely scale to 4k resolution on the most powerful devices running Homefront: The Revolution: PCs, the Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro. Furthermore, according to Phillips, it should also theoretically be possible to get the multiplayer mode working if someone puts two of those arcade cabinets next to each other in a co-op level. At least the network stack is present. A further disadvantage is that the port is not exactly bug free and sometimes tends to crash.

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