Friends Feed is a simple chrome extension that you can use. It is not necessary to hide the irrelevant content from the news feed. You can also opt to fade that. And this way, you will know what this extension is actually filtering from your feed. But if you just want to get rid of the other posts from your friends and pages then you can simply use the hide option.

Install Friends Feed from Chrome store and then refresh Facebook. There is nothing you have to configure in it to use this extension. After installing, you can start browsing Facebook as you do normally and then you will feel that the posts your are seeing are mostly from your friends and pages you follow.

There are two options to use this extension. You can opt to hide the stories which are not relevant. Or, you can opt to simply fade them. And you can do that from the “options” page of the extension. Just right-click on its icon from the toolbar and then from the Options menu you can choose what you want. You can easily remove all the unnecessary posts from your feed that usually hides stories from your friends. And this Chrome extension can greatly help you to bring those back.