Free-to-play shooter Survarium is coming to Europe in early January

The free-to-play online shooter Survarium will launch on January 5 with a beta test phase for the European market. There will be two PvP game modes to play. The Ukrainian-made shooter has been available for the Russian-speaking market for some time now.

On January 5, development studio Vostok Games will open the European servers for Survarium, and with that the European beta test will start, the studio reports. Gamers can play two PvP game modes in the beta, namely Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval. The other game modes that will be added to Survarium later, such as the cooperative game mode and Freeplay mode, are not yet in the beta version of the game. Interested gamers can sign up for the beta on Survarium’s website.

Gamers who have played the beta version for the Russian-language market before will not encounter any new content in the European version. Vostok does make it clear on his website that the development of Survarium will continue and that new parts will be added to the game continuously.

Survarium is being developed by Vostok Games, which was founded by a group of developers who previously worked on the Stalker series. After development studio GSC Game World closed and development on Stalker 2 was discontinued, part of the studio moved to Vostok Games to work on Survarium, which is very similar to the Stalker games. Like those games, Survarium is set in a post-apocalyptic game world in which foreign objects and radioactive radiation play an important role. The Freeplay mode should also offer a gaming experience in Survarium that resembles the gaming experience of the singlepayer campaigns from the Stalker games.