Fimulator is a free and lightweight RAW photo editor specially designed for processing RAW files. The purpose of this tool is to let users quickly process RAW files with minimal workflow. To achieve this, it stimulates the development of film techniques by illuminating the same light as the camera’s sensor. Then, with a few clicks, users can easily apply color corrections and export the results to JEPG or TIFF. With that said, let’s dive deeper and explore different aspects of this tool.

Filmulator is available for Windows and Linux and is absolutely free to use. You can get the latest installation file from the website and just install it on your PC to edit RAW files.

FImulator is a really nice RAW photo editor with easy to use functionality. It allows you to make your RAW photos stunning without putting much effort thanks to the use of film development techniques. In addition, you can easily organize your photo collection in a simpler and easy to navigate layout. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.