Framework announces modular Chromebook starting at $999

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Framework has teamed up with Google to unveil a modular Chromebook laptop. The laptop includes an Intel Core i5-1240P processor. The device is available for pre-order in the US and Canada starting at $999. It is unknown when the Chromebook will be released for the European market.

The Framework Chromebook Edition is broadly similar to the Framework Laptop, which was released for the European market earlier this year. The screen of the Chromebook has a resolution of 2256×1504 pixels and a 3:2 aspect ratio. The laptop has DDR4 memory, an aluminum housing and weighs 1.3 kilograms. The processor is an Intel Core i5-1240P and has a continuous power consumption of 30 watts. The laptop runs on Chrome OS and supports downloading Android apps from Google Play. Also, the Linux client can be run via Crostini and PC games can be played via Steam on Chrome OS Alpha.

The Chromebook accepts USB-C, USB-A, HDMI and DisplayPort and Ethernet modules. The preconfigured model comes with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage. The memory and storage can be expanded up to 64GB and 1TB. The separate 250GB and 1TB SSDs that Framework sells also work with the Chromebook. As with the Framework Laptop, a QR code is located on or near parts of the Chromebook, which leads to the specific repair manual for that part on the Framework site.

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