Netflix is ​​also discontinuing the Basic subscription in the US and UK

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Netflix will also stop offering the Basic subscription in the United Kingdom and in its home country the United States. New users can now choose from a standard subscription with advertising or a Standard or Premium subscription.

Until recently, there was still a Basic subscription for Netflix customers in the relevant countries, but now the streaming service says on the official American and British support pages: “The Basic subscription is no longer available to new or returning customers. If you are currently on the Basic subscription, you can continue to do so until you change or cancel your subscription.”

New and returning customers can now choose from the cheapest Standard with ads plan for seven dollars or five pounds per month, allowing users to stream in 1080p on two devices simultaneously. Downloading content is not possible with this subscription. The next ad-free plan costs $15.49 or £11 per month and supports downloads and offers the option to add an additional sub-account. Originally, the Basic plan fell between the two options listed, although this was an ad-free plan for one user.

Netflix previously stopped offering the Basic subscription in Canada. The United States and Canada together are the streaming service’s largest market, so it appears that the company wants to put a greater emphasis on the advertising subscription. There is currently no reason to assume that Netflix will do the same in the Benelux; After all, there is no cheaper subscription with commercial breaks available here yet.

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