Fortnite iOS is now available to everyone

Good news if you’re interested in Fortnite the Battle Royale sensation of 2018. If you wanted to play the game on your mobile but did not find an invitation yet: The game is now officially available to everyone in the App Store.
So you can get started right away with the game if you have an iPhone 6S or later or an iPad Air 2 or Mini 4 or later. The game is currently extremely popular and you can now also watch for free what everyone is so enthusiastic about. If even pop stars like Drake start playing along with streamers and viewing records breaking, then there is something going on with a game.
You have to do your best when you start playing, because unlike PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile, the first few jars do not use AI-characters so you immediately win. That Victory Royale you do not get as easy as your first mobile Chicken Dinner!
The shooter, where precision and fast reactions are extremely important, can be played with the touchscreen of your phone or tablet and because there is only an iOS version, the game is not full of cheating players who ( what they already do a lot in PUBG Mobile) to play the game via a hacked method to play with mouse and keyboard. That is fat unfair because then you are so much faster and more agile than the other players that it becomes childishly easy to win.
Fortunately, Fortunite Battle Royale, fortunately, you can play well, just like all those school children who now do not want to pay attention in class butwant to shoot a game.