Former Apple designer Jony Ive is teaming up with Airbnb

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Jony Ive, who was chief designer at Apple for many years, is partnering with Airbnb with his new design agency LoveFrom. Airbnb has announced this. LoveFrom will help design the ‘next generation of Airbnb services’.

It is a multi-year collaboration, with Ive and LoveFrom also helping develop the design department within Airbnb, the company says. It is the first time that it has become known exactly where Ive will be working after his departure from Apple last year.

Airbnb does not elaborate on what exactly that new generation of services is that Ive and LoveFrom are going to help with. It is also unknown whether Ive still works for Apple. Ive would remain involved with Apple in the form of ‘projects’, which he would be involved in. Ive worked for Apple from 1992 to 2019, designing products such as the iMac from 1998, iPod in 2001 and iPhone in 2007.

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