Football Manager 2019 gets video referee

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Sports Interactive has revealed details about Football Manager 2019. One of the new features is the VAR, or video assistant referee. The game is also getting goal-line technology in leagues where it’s used.

When using the video referee in Football Manager 2019, players will see the referee walk to the sidelines, or interact with the VAR through his earpiece. The makers show a video of the first example.

In addition to the video referee, the game also gets goal-line technology. When deployed, the goal line and the ball are actually shown. Furthermore, the game gets various innovations, of which the makers report in various fortum topics.

Sports Interactive promises tactical innovation and an overhaul of the training area. Players get more influence on the training sessions and can tailor them in detail to, for example, the next match.

The game will also have an introduction mode for new players and the studio is licensed by the Bundesliga. All 36 teams of the German league are included in the game with official logos, kits and player faces.

Football Manager 2019 will be released by Sega and will be released on November 2. Two weeks before release, there will be a beta version for players who have placed a pre-order. The game has a suggested retail price of 55 euros. There will also be a cheaper Touch version of 30 euros for tablets and a Mobile version. It is not yet known what the latter will cost.

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