Football and care robots from Eindhoven University of Technology win world titles in Thailand

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The Tech United team from Eindhoven University of Technology won the world championships for robot football and care robots last weekend. The team won the robot football tournament for the sixth time. The care robots are the second World Cup title.

Eindhoven University played in the final of the RoboCup in Thailand against the Falcons team of chip machine maker ASML. It became 15-0. The Falcons won 4-3 in the preliminaries. According to Eindhoven University of Technology this had to do with a bug in the software of the Tech United robots. In the finale, this problem was reportedly fixed.

In the robot football tournament, autonomous robots compete in teams of five against five. In the TU Eindhoven team, the robots have names such as Lieke Motors, Jackie Groenestroom and Vivianne Wielema. In 2050, the team also wants to beat the human world champion with its autonomous soccer robots.

Tech United robot HERO won in the final of the care robots against opponent TidyBoy, a robot made by students from South Korea. The robots are able to recognize people and pick up objects. During the tournament, the care robots performed various household tasks, including taking out the garbage and welcoming or informing people.

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