Fntastic will take servers of canceled game The Day Before offline next month

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The canceled survival game The Day Before can no longer be played from January 22. Developer Fntastic will then permanently stop supporting the game and says it will proactively refund the purchase price for the game to all customers via Steam.

Fntastic says on X that the servers for The Day Before will be shut down on January 22. Investor Mytona is also working with Steam to proactively return the purchase price for the game to customers. Until now, gamers had to request their money back via the gaming platform.

Development of The Day Before was halted a few days after the release of the early access version, after which the studio closed its doors. After that announcement, it was not yet clear what would happen to the game servers, although the game was removed from Steam sales shortly afterwards. The survival game was once the second most sought after game based on the Steam Whishlist system, but was massively criticized after its alpha release for missing features and alleged scams.

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