Fitbit Inspire 2 gets Tile tracking feature via software update

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Fitbit is adding a software Tile tracker to its Inspire 2 fitness tracker. This allows users to track down the location of their Inspire 2 via Bluetooth. The feature will be added for free via a software update, which will be rolled out from Monday.

After the update, users will be able to install the Tile app on their paired smartphone to activate the tracking feature, Fitbit and Tile said in a press release. With the integration, users should then be able to find their lost fitness tracker through the Tile app. Tile also has its own crowdsourced network of Tile users. This may also allow Inspire 2 owners to locate their lost device from a greater distance.

In addition to the tracking functions, Inspire 2 users can also make their smartphone ring via bluetooth, even when it is on silent. The Fitbit Inspire 2 also works with Tile’s premium features, such as “smart notifications” when users leave home without their paired device. Tile Premium costs 3 euros per month or 35 euros per year.

The Inspire 2 is the first wearable to get Tile support. It’s not clear if other Fitbit products will support these features. Tile tracking is already available in several other devices, such as headphones, wireless earbuds, and laptops. There are several other companies working on bluetooth trackers. Earlier this year, Samsung released its Galaxy SmartTags, which work in combination with the company’s Galaxy smartphones. Apple is reportedly working on AirTags, which would work with the U1 ultrawideband chip.

Image by Tile and PRNewsfoto

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