‘First Google Silver smartphone to be released in February 2015 with 64-bit soc’

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Google would plan to start selling the first smartphones under the Silver name from February next year. The Silver line should follow Nexus, where the first device would come from LG and has a 64-bit soc from Qualcomm.

Which say telecom insider Evan Blass via his Twitter account @Evleaks. According to Blass, who is usually the first to report details and specifications of new smartphones, the first devices in the Silver series are planned for a release in February 2015. Although most details are still missing, stilt the telecom insider that the first in the series comes from LG and is based on a 64-bit soc from Qualcomm; the recently presented Snapdragon 810. It has 8 cores; four Cortex A57 and four Cortex A53.

earlier gave Blass already hinted that Google would be discontinuing the Nexus line, meaning a Nexus 6, which has previously been rumored to be, is unlikely to appear. Instead, the Silver brand name will be launched, according to rumors, with probably the biggest difference being that it concerns existing smartphones without ‘bloatware’. Nexus devices are made by manufacturers especially for Google, although these are often based on smartphones that the companies release themselves.

Google already sells so-called Google Play Editions of existing smartphones. This concerns devices that run a bare version of Android and are sold through Google’s online store. Whether the Silver smartphones will have a similar concept is not yet entirely clear.

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