First gameplay footage from Battlefield Mobile alpha appears online – update

Alpha testers share the first gameplay footage of the Battlefield Mobile test version on Reddit, among others. The game is currently being tested in Asia among a select group of users. Electronic Arts urges users to share and provide feedback on gameplay

These videos and several videos on Youtube show the first gameplay of Battlefield Mobile, all playing on the already revealed map Grand Bazaar. Tanks and infantry fight for victory in a Conquest match. In addition, the fragments show how the player equips his soldier with a variety of weapons within the well-known Assault, Support, Medic and Recon classes. Players can unlock new attachments and perks for each individual weapon.

At the top of the screen, some videos show various statistics about the smartphone itself. It is clear from this that the test version of Battlefield Mobile maintains 60 frames per second relatively consistently and that the SOC temperature remains below 45 degrees Celsius. Battlefield Mobile is, like many smartphone games, especially taxing on the GPU, which is loaded for 95 percent at busier times. Of course, the performance of the game strongly depends on the smartphone used.

Update, 7:00 pm: It was falsely suggested that the gameplay footage was unauthorized leaked by alpha testers. Electronics Arts poses on Twitter that players are free to share alpha images. The publisher explicitly asks for feedback. Thanks to LSThimo.