Firmware update: Xtreamer 2.0

Xtreamer has released a new firmware update for its media player of the same name. The Xtreamer is intended for playing and streaming media files from the optional built-in hard drive, a device on the internal network – wired or wireless – or from the Internet. There is a topic on our own GoT where more information about this budget media player can be found. Version 2.0 includes support for Blu-ray ISO file playback, Dolby downmixing and Internet radio playback. Furthermore, the user interface has been overhauled, the fan can now be manually given a value between 0 and 200 and several bugs have been fixed. The full changelog of this release looks like this:

New features:

  • BD ISO playback support.
    • Can’t support menu navigation.
  • Change from SD UI to HD UI.
  • DTS HD Master Audio down-mixing and pass-through.
    • Pass through(5.1ch )
  • Dolby TrueHD down mixing.
    • Pass-through(5.1 PCM format)
    • Direct pass-through (5.1ch) will be prepared soon.
  • Internet Radio.
    • “Internet Radio” menu added in main OSD.
    • *MyRadio* link to MyRadio folder in internal HDD first partition root directory.
    • .plsx extension detection support for internet radio.
    • Same file format for .pls and .plsx
    • User can use internet radio files residing in their internal or external HDD.
  • Photo thumbnail display.(in “Photo” menu)
    • Preview button toggles between “Preview off/Preview on/Photo Thumbnail” in “Photo” menu if there is any photo file in that folder.
  • Network virtual remote control.
    • URL for mobile device.
    • URL
    • Multilanguage support from keyboard to search, rename etc.
    • Usable from PC/IPhone/mobile hand phone(including web browser)
  • Hostname Change Support
    • Web setup->DDNS/Hostname
    • hostname (to access Samba share), http://hostname:portnumber (to access web service).
  • UI effect sound.
    • Setup->System->Effect Sound.
  • Video playback window size decreased in internet menu.
    • Press zoom button to switch to middle size, full screen, small Screen.
  • Zoom and navigation support for Weather map in internet -> weather menu.
  • Home menu UI can support multi language.


  • Improve HDMI compatibility.
  • Normalize audio volume (except AAC, WMA pro).
  • Network playback streaming speed up.
  • Change Music Jukebox UI.
  • Change weather UI.
  • Change video playback information window.
  • Change wireless Network UI.
  • Increase subtitle window size
  • Changed loading image for internet menu.
  • Changed keyboard UI for internet menu.
  • Reduced changing time between wireless and wired network.
  • Language added (Arabic, Estonia, Hungarian, Slovenia, Vietnam) in web interface.
  • Internet Video preview displays current time/total time and progress bar with buffering bar.
  • Fan speed manual setting from 0 ~ 200.
  • UTF8/UTF16 auto detection when no selection of Unicode in SUB-T/ID3TAG.
  • After pressing “Enter” button on video file, direct playback while preview is on.
  • Detection of external ODD improved.
    • If can’t detect, go to “Home” and press “Eject”. It will retry to detect.
    • To eject DVD go to “Home” menu and press “Eject” button(when DVD is detected).
  • Fast forward from 0.8x to 2.0x displays subtitles also.
  • Delete function added to remote control “Delete” (3) button.
  • Change folder/file list in alphabetical order.
    • A, A1, C4, a2, b3 -> A, A1, a2, b3, C4.

Bug fixed:

  • 24p cinema mode
  • FLAC file playback including id3tag.
  • Support MKV internal idx+sub subtitle.
  • Movie including FLAC audio codec playback support.
  • Sometime crashes when displaying Folder JPG in preview window.
  • Max 16 character input in keyboard changed to Max 128 character
  • Direct numbers input from remote control to keyboard.
  • DEL/SP key problem fixed for Chinese keyboard.
  • After returning from NAS Mode, photo crash problem fixed.
  • Audio file play problem solved from UPnP client.
  • Play/Pause both works for Internet Video playback.
  • Rumania code page changed.
    • ISO-8859-2 -> ISO-8859-16
  • Chinese missing character support.
  • Samba Share of windows 7 can’t be seen.
  • Center alignment of Arabic subtitle.
  • No subtitle displayed while playing video if 1080P 24Hz set from setup menu.
  • WPA key 64 characters not display.

Version number 2.0
Release status Final
Website Xtreamer
File size 35.10MB
License type Freeware

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