Firmware Update: Week 45 BIOS Updates

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As part of the five thousandth junk post, the junk crew provides a special overview of BIOS updates. The new releases below will soon be available on disc and at your local warez farmer. Unfortunately, most video card manufacturers won’t be able to play it at more than 25 frames per second, even if you own a Radeon 9800 Pro or GeForce FX 5900 Ultra.

On the site of the Waschowski Brothers we read that a new version of the Matrix kernel has been released. The creator of the program has provided Smith with an improved code. In contrast, the changelog for this third release states that a fix has been found for the previously encountered replication issue. It is not yet clear whether anyone already knows what the program actually entails.

Pixar delights us with the first release of Nemo† This bright render engine was long-awaited, but was delayed time and again as the creators kept losing the Fish class. After a thorough search, it was finally able to be compiled using LSD-tripping turtles. The developers have put a school of angelfish in the engine that guides the user.

We also received the sad news that the release of Tarantino 4.0 has been postponed. This out of respect for the death of lead developer Bill. The expectations for this new version were high and much was not yet known, except that the makers guaranteed that the end result would again be razor sharp. Rumor has it that the main character is played by a woman. The Anti-Emancipation Front has already filed a complaint with the judiciary.

The makers of the popular Pied Piper game Bad Boys inform us on their site that the second version of this program has been available for some time now. In the second release, the goal is to destroy as many rats as possible in a drug lord’s house. The drug bust from the previous film was burned in three gram portions by the entire crew of part two.

Unfortunately, almost all new releases lack a complete changelog. However, a list of changes found by users is available

Now it’s time for a party, because we won’t let the five thousandth junk mail pass unnoticed: a beer with real Limburg flan from Utrecht for everyone! The Meuktracker is and is made possible by the following people:

    Bas Raayman
    Japke Rosink
    Robert-Jan Huijsman
    Robin Vreuls
    The submitters (kudos for the hard work)
    The previous junk posters

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