Download Firmware Synology DSM 6.1.1 build 15101

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Synology has released version 6.1.1 of Disk Station Manager. Synology DSM is the management software that runs on several of the company’s NAS products. The Disk and Rack Stations offer more than just extra storage space. For example, backups of all clients on the network can be made and files can be downloaded via http, ftp, bittorrent, usenet and emule, so that, for example, energy-hungry PCs can switch off at night while the download just comes in. In addition, audio and video files can be streamed over the network via the built-in iTunes server, a dynamic website can be hosted using PHP and MySQL and the device can act as a print server.

In order to install version 6.1, at least version 6.0 must be present. Furthermore, it is only suitable for the NAS models whose type number ends with 11 or higher. For the other conditions and the different downloads, look at this page. Version 6.1 includes the ability to encrypt shared folders, the NAS itself can detect and fix errors when using the Btrfs file system, and some components are converted to separate modules, including USB Copy, File Station and File indexing. However, most of the improvements only affect the heavier models. In version 6.1.1, the following improvements have also been made:

Important Note

  • The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few days, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly.
  • This update will restart your Synology NAS.

What’s New in DSM 6.1.1

  • This update includes all bug fixes as well as security fixes in the previously released updates since DSM 6.1.
  • Added support for scheduled RAID scrubbing.
  • Upgraded Samba to version 4.4.9.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the OTP might be requested repeatedly when users log in a same trusted device with different accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where File Station might not work properly when playing slideshows of photos without thumbnails if opened via Application Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where proxy settings cannot be changed when Let’s Encrypt is in use.
  • Fixed an issue where packages cannot be repurchased after refunds.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Block might fail to block addresses when the Allow List is set as an IP range.
  • Fixed an issue where the default gateway might not be updated when a DHCP client has not received DNS information.
  • Fixed an issue where firewall rules might not be displayed correctly when users add or remove rules on the same port.
  • Fixed an issue where UPnP rules might fail to work properly on Synology NAS with a single Ethernet port.
  • Fixed an issue where the DSM user interface might fail to be properly displayed when DHCP Server receives invalid DNS addresses.
  • Fixed an issue where L2TP connections might fail to be established in kernel 4.4 when the kernel mode is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where an L2TP connection might fail to be established when the server address starts with a number.
  • Enhanced the usability and display correctness of the Wake on Lan user interface.
  • Fixed an issue where Synology NAS cannot be properly shut down when a bond has been established between Mellanox ConnectX-3 and Synology E10G17-F2.
  • Fixed an issue where DSM might show the message of volume crash upon reboot when a single-disk SHR volume has been mounted with cache and transformed into a Disk Group.
  • Fixed an incorrect volume display on some models where RAID Groups are supported and SHR has been enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where SHA cannot be created when FS3017 contains over 12 drives.
  • Fixed an issue where the settings of SMB encrypted transmission cannot be properly configured.
  • Fixed a connection error that might occur when the name of an SMB shared folder contains consecutive spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where Key Manager might fail to mount encrypted shared folders automatically on startup.
  • Enhanced the stability of the iSCSI service.
  • Fixed an issue where files cannot be written into encrypted shared folders on ext3 file system.
  • Fixed an issue where Snapshot Replication might fail when compression is enabled for shared folders.
  • Fixed an issue where DSM cannot be shut down properly on Qoriq or 88f6281/88f6282 platforms when JBOD volumes are in use.
  • Enhanced the stability of the upgrade process of SHA clusters.

Version number 6.1.1 build 15101
Release status Final
Website Synology
License type Freeware
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