Firmware update: Qnap TS-x39 / TS-x59 / SS-x39 3.2.4 build 0315

Qnap has released new stable firmware for many of its nas models, namely TS-259, TS-459, TS-659, TS-859, TS-239 Pro II, TS-439 Pro II, TS-239, TS-439, TS-439U, TS-509, TS-639, TS-809, TS-809U, SS-439 and SS-839. The firmware has been given version number 3.2.4 build 0315 and downloads can be done at this page are being found. The release notes mention the following changes and improvements:

What’s New?

  • Upgrade ext4, base on Linux kernel
  • TwonkyMedia 5.1.3


  • Change deafult bonjour service name for iTunes and Time Machine to avoid using the same service name on different service types.
    • iTunes server: ServerName(iTunes)
    • Time Machine: ServerName(TimeMachine)
  • Speed ​​up rsync compress performance

Major Bug Fixing

  • System Configuration: Fixed abnormal system configuraiton file(s) recovered
  • Security Update: The key and certificate files can be reached after importing SSL certificate and enable HTTPS connection
  • Notification: System can’t send email when using the SMTP server which doesn’t require authentication
  • DDNS: Can’t use some specific characters in the username field
  • Date and Time: Fixed the error pop-up message while applying the settings
  • Port Trunking: Fixed the error pop-up message while applying the settings (Dual NIC model only)
  • Port Trunking: The setting can’t be applied when switching the mode from Balanc-alb to Fail Over (Dual NIC model only)
  • SMSC: Fixed the error pop-up message while applying the settings, and the settings can’t be applied
  • Mac OS X: Fixed the wrong file size(268.4MB) when connecting to NAS shared folders
  • UPnP Media Player: Fixed files can’t be displayed in XBOX 360
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with Hitachi 7K1000.B(HDT721010SLA360)
  • Fixed enabling Jumbo Frame on both PC and NAS will cause NAS http browsing to fail

Known Issues

  • HTTPS file upload in Web File Manager only supports Internet Explorer browser
  • (Surveillence Station) Live view does not work for D-LINK DCS6220
  • (Surveillence Station) Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected if selecting channel in Live View page.
  • (Surveillence Station) No volume adjustment during playback under Windows XP SP2/IE6/WindowsMediaPlayer9
  • In some DST regions, disabling DST will cause time difference by 5-20 minutes
  • Enabling UPnP Media Server will prevent HDDs entering standby mode

Version number 3.2.4 build 0315
Release status Final
Website Qnap
File size 72.00MB
License type Freeware

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